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Medical Laundry Services in and around Gainesville

There are many type of medical offices and all them have different laundry needs. A dentist office may only need towels and capes cleaned, while a veterinary office will have pet beds and towels. Doctors often have clean, white professional jackets that need to always look their best. Our medical laundry service can do all of that laundry and more.

We know that doctor's offices are expected to be especially clean and that includes the towels, scrubs, sheets, blankets, and uniforms. Our laundry service has top of the line, industrial washers and dryers that can make all of your laundry as clean as it can be. 

What to expect with our Medical Laundry Service: 

  • Reasonable, transparent pricing
  • Quick and reliable turnaround times
  • All inclusive laundry service
  • Customizable Pickup and Delivery schedules
  • Separate Laundering

Laundry Service FAQ:

  • How does your commercial laundry service work?
    • You can schedule a pickup as often as you need us. We can pick up multiple times a week if you require it. You can be on a schedule or you can call us when you need us. 
    • We pick up the laundry from your location(s) and we take your dirty laundry back to our facility.
    • We wash, dry and neatly fold everything for you.
    • We return your clean laundry back to you within 48 hours.
  • Do you require a contract?
    • No we do not. You can cancel your service whenever you like. We know that you will remain with us as long as we continue to provide you with outstanding service. 
  • Will you wash my laundry with other client's laundry?
    • No we don't. We always keep our customer's laundry separated so that there are no mix ups or any kind of cross contamination. 

Our laundry delivery service days are as follows: 

  • Monday - Thursday

We are equipped to handle whatever type of laundry that you give us. Our medical laundry service cost will depend on the amount of laundry and how often you require our service. Please click on the link below to request a bid.