Clothes Get Cleaner With Ozone!

All of our machines are equipped with the Sano Wash Ozone System. This means that your clothes get cleaned and sanitized with every wash. 

What is Ozone?

Ozone is the use of oxygen and electricity, dissolved in water, to get your laundry clean. It is used in cold water and you can use much less detergent then in a normal wash. Ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that can inactivate bacteria, fungi and viruses. It actually does a better job then bleach. 

Benefits of Ozone:

  • Laundry is sanitizedOzone Thumbnail Shutterstock 1962219457
  • It eliminates bacteria
  • Kills mildew & mold
  • Removes odor
  • Extends fabric life
  • It makes your laundry softer and fresher
  • The washers are also sanitized with every wash
  • Ozone kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in your laundry

Benefits to the Environment: 

  • Uses less detergent so you leave less of a carbon footprint by buying less detergent boxes.
  • Ozone occurs naturally in the environment.
  • Uses cold water so there is less need to use resources warming water.
  • Exposes less toxic chemicals into the atmosphere as opposed to detergents.